Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loose lemons

Feelin’ all loose and jiggedy jig today and this is the result! I wouldn't be surprised if you see more lemons featuring in the next week or so as Pancake Tuesday is coming up and that is as close to a national holiday as it gets in my house.
When I was little my dad, who my sister and I lived with, was fanatical about Pancake Tuesday. We usually went to my Nana's house that day but one year for some reason we couldn't go. So after work he put us in the car and took us to a nearby hotel, marched us into the fancy restaurant and asked to speak to the Maitre D . "Ok he said we'll have pancakes all round with plenty of lemon and golden syrup" The Maitre D explained that this was a gourmet type of place and they didn’t have golden syrup etc. My Dad shifted himself a little and slowly explained that here were two little girls who otherwise would not get pancakes on Pancake Tuesday and, in the circumstances, could they not send the commis chef down to Dalkey village on his bike to get some golden syrup. We’d wait! And they did!


Victor Errington said...

Hi Roisin.
I love your lemons, and my favourite style, Impressionistic, brilliant. I also enjoyed your story about you and your father re` the restaurant, very enjoyable, thank you. I have just discovered your blog on another bloggers site. And very glad that I have. I shale be visiting often, thank you and all the best.

Róisín O'Farrell said...

Thanks Vic, Welcome!

Karen Harper said...

I love stories like can you refuse little girls that are going to starve if they don't get a treat! Love it!
Lovely paintings as always!