Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pearse Station

I’m battling the dreaded lurgy today, well if not the dreaded then some commoner gardener one that my kids have no doubt passed on to me with love. My plan is to start a larger version of the temple bar painting today. I really like all that warm nighttime reflections and color. It may take more than today to complete so I’ll post when it’s done and may keep up with the 8x6 ones in between – lurgy permitting!

This is the second painting from the same reference photo of Pearse Station in Dublin city centre. Taken by my cousin's partner, Finny who is a photography enthusiast with a particular passion for all things locomotive. My partner Rob has booked this one already for his office so I’m afraid it’s not for sale.

1 comment:

j. said...

this looks like a nice bus station. most look menacing and dangerous. your paintings are really lovely. thank you for sharing them.