Friday, April 9, 2010

red chair

The doors are open and the sun is trying to warm the day up. The kids are out in the garden, all be it in wellies and I'm working lke a devil. All is right with the world.

That is except for that which won't be named (the new website shhh!). I've given in. I have lain down and rolled over and said "I give up". That is, I have paid a guy on the internet €75 an hour to fix it! Please god it only takes the hour!!

By the way I have news for you but I am holding my tongue (fingers?). I will tell all very soon. Meanwhile how about this little painting for a change. I haven't really done any interiors but I think I feel a few coming on. Inspired in no small way by  Liza Hirst's work. little paintings of beautiful warm interiors with a wonderful use of light and free brushwork.

Red Chair
6x6 inch on gessoed bord (framed as always) €195

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