Wednesday, April 7, 2010

not listening

If you're sitting on the edge of your seat  waiting for this new website of mine.(how likely is that?) I am here to tell you that yes its coming but actually I'm no further along with resolving the uploading issue. However, I fall back on the knowledge that "I am a human; it (my computer) is just plastic and circuit boards. Ergo I am bound to win. (eventually)

Thankfully my trusty blogger site never lets me down so here we will stay until I can sort it out or bribe some 10 year nerd to fix the problem for me.(if you know any please send them my way)

Thankfully the house is almost clear of chocolate now. Easter is a bit like how drug dealers start their customers off. Loads of stuff freely available, then suddenly it drys up and you have to “pony up” for more supplies. I have to say I am fighting the temptation to go buy more (my daughter helpfully pointed out that Easter eggs would be very cheap now!) But no. It’s all cold turkey from here on!

This painting is a larger version of "purdy in the pink". A 6x6inch painting I could of sold at least a couple of times over but which I'm too fond of to part with.

not listening
16x16 inch oil on stretched canvas


LindaHunt said...

Ohh this is really nice. The energy in this painting is great. Congratulations on all of you recent successes. Thank you also for sharing the information about blogging that was very interesting.

Creative Potential said...

LOVE these colors and the movement!

Susan Roux said...

Not sure what I like best, the painting or the title...

I just want to snuggle your kitty!

Róisín O'Farrell said...

Hi LInda, Pamela and Susan,

Thanks for the feedback. She's a gray cat (like yours Susan) but depending on the light she can seem anything from black to the colours that reflect off her coat -Much of those coming from my head of course!

BluKatDesign handmade upcycled jewelry said...

I love the cat, is she a Russian Blue? I like your style of painting!