Friday, November 27, 2009

December River - Powerscourt

I went for a walk this morning up at powerscourt. The river was very high and it was damp, mucky and very cold but occasional the sun would pick out a piece of grass or tree bark and it was like "spotlight on nature". I took some photos but they are generally very winter like and dreary. All the same I'm going to play around this afternoon and see what comes out of them. 

What can one expect for november in Ireland. I should be just greatful it wasn't raining really! Oh, and it's just occured to me I should have called it November River. Not December just yet!

1 comment:

Patricia Aherne said...

This one is too ordinary for me .... I've been spoiled by the first !!!
Al well Ró ...
can't win them all!
Thanks again for sharing ..