Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the sum of it's parts

Well I have to laugh (at myself that is). I finished the last post saying I'd paint on regardless of my mood... Well this week I just didn't feel like painting much and didn't feel like forcing myself ! I missed my class yesterday too, due to the teacher's strike and having no childcare. So this week is the first week since September that I have only done one painting. (and I didn't post it as it was a doozy) I did the one above very quickly and I've left the still life up as, you never know, I may get a chance the paint again later. Off to do other things conected to life generally now.

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Patricia Aherne said...

Delighted to see your new post Ró .... cool angle and title! Makes for a great design in the space ....
Been struggling myself to get down to much needed practice before my lesson tomorrow - have been doing everything but, but at it now.