Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heather landscapes

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Framed Painting €105      $155 USD $165 CAD
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It never rains but it pours. That's four paintings in three days. I did both of these little landscapes from a photo, at a class today. The image was quite dark and moody but I also wanted to use lots of colour.

It's funny how it goes. I came to last week's class feeling very tired and not in good form and I knew that anything I did was going to be dragged out of me. Today's class, on the other hand, was a joy. Not sure if the difference shows in the results but the expeirience was completely different. I guess for the time being my plan is to paint regardless of my mood. I can always wipe over anyway right!

1 comment:

Patricia Aherne said...

Am enjoying your Heather landscapes Ró ...
the vigorous application of glorious colour!