Saturday, March 13, 2010


Posting in rush once again. It seems I am unwitingly taking part in a challenge to visit all of the island in the shortest number of weekends.  We head off to the inlaws up north shortly.

16x16 inch €450

Btw, I came across a post from Jeff Mahorney on his painting set up and was so impressed at how he has got it organised. Here is a photo of his set up using a guerilla box which holds pretty much everything he needs, included turps, brush and paper towel holders etc.

and by contrast one of mine! I paint in my kitchen as it's really the only space available and the mess does bother me (this is pretty tidy!) but hey you can't make an omelette... I have a utility room where I store the rest of my stuff but this is where I paint.
I'd love to see the set up of other painters. Particularily those who don't have the luxury of a studio!

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