Saturday, March 6, 2010

View from Ross Castle

It's the scrake of dawn and I'm just stopping to post this before I head out the door to Killkenny to the Wordpress Ireland Camp. I'm trying to be quiet so as not to wake the house but anyone will know I don't do quiet very well, so I'm expecting company any minute. I'm going solo this time except for Odette (see the tale of Odette's shame here). It's her last chance to redeem herself. Hey it's only two hours away what can go wrong! If I end up in Cork again, it's all green bin for Odette!

This is a view from Ross Castle - ok yes I know you can read- Ross castle is just 10 minutes out of Killarney town and Gráinne and I went walking there before we headed home to Dublin last weekend.

Oil on gesso board
6x6 inch €195 framed


Susan Roux said...

This is lovely. With very little detail you captured the look and feel of the area.

Have fun today!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Roisin.
This is a beautiful painting. I like it very much, well done. tell me Roisin, is this done with a palette knife? All the best.