Monday, March 15, 2010

Room for one more?

Mommalooney Day

So we had Mother's day here yesterday, I know it's a different day across the big pond but it's March 14th here. So, Mother's day times, my mother-in-law, my Mum and me. It was also my hubbies' birthday yesterday, his Dad's birthday tomorrow and eldest's birthday on Sunday next.

My Mum's birthday is somewhat of a moveable feast. The story goes that when she was born on the 13th of March the nurse couldn't bring herself to put the 13th on the child's birth certificate. Presumably condeming her to a life of bad luck. So she entered the 12th instead. Growing up in bording school my Mum celebrated her birthday on the nearest day off - St. Patrick's Day and during my childhood on the day myself and my sister saw her, a Sunday. So, now it's anyone's guess as to when we celebrate. This year for us it will be today. so happy birthday Mum! See you soon.

I hope that if you're a Mum, Mom, Gran, Nana or whatever, that you had a lovely day.

Writing for blogs

A few people asked me about the seminar that I went to on writing for blogs given by Mary Rose Lyons. Here she is giving the talk in 4 minutes! Don't say I'm not good to ya!

Room for one more?
16 x 16 inch oil on canvas €450

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