Monday, March 8, 2010

Green Apple Punctuation

Is your brain lazy?

Well I hate to be rude but it seems so folks. I was at a seminar on blogging at the weekend by Mary Rose Lyons. She is one of those punctuation police types who should be incredibly boring but is in fact fascinating. She dropped one nerdy little fact in particular about our brains and how we read text. It turns out that when we get to the end of a line of text on a screen, our lazy brains need something to hang onto, as it were. Otherwise they can’t find their way back across again. If the text has been justified the lines all end at the same point and our brains start to melt. So, when writing on screen i.e. on a blog, one should never use the justify button. You probably all knew that but I will dine out on that little gem for months, not that I “dine out” much. You can get a full explanation on Mary Rose’s Blog.

Green Apple Punctuation
16"x16" Oil on Canvas Framed €450

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Matthew LeVier said...

I really like this one. The combination of colors that you can see throughout the whole painting. I also like the use of brush strokes. It offers detail, excitement with a sense of being subtile.