Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul

And so it's Christmas...

The paints are all put away so no more posts for a little while. I am ok with that now but will probably get itchy fingers come St.Stephen's Day. I've a little more baking to do then I head up north first thing in the morning (2hr drive each way) to collect my in laws. I'm hoping that the below freezing temperatures and last minute Newry shoppers don't hold me up too much.

I've sent my poor mum off into town (she was going anyway.. really) to hunt for a couple of those lovely bright brushes that my teacher Kevin uses. I'm so excited.

Today's painting is taken from another of Maria's photos and really looks great viewed from the other side of the room. Kind of says it all eh?

Happy Christmas

To Buy
Unframed painting €70      $99 USD  $109 CAD  £65GBP
Shipping €10 worldwide

Framed Painting €105      $155 USD  $165 CAD  £95UK
Shipping €15 Worldwide

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