Friday, December 18, 2009

River Walk Trees

Back to the river walk today. This is the second painting of almost the same stretch of road up at Powerscourt River Walk. It was just starting to rain and the sky seemed so low it felt like it was touching the tree tops. Although it was morning the light had that kind of twilight quality to it. These trees are absolutely amazing. The oldest must be a couple of hundred years old and although I'm hopeless at estimating height, maybe 60ft tall.

Speaking of Twilight I brought my 10 year old to see the movie last night. Apart from the delightful overuse of young men’s torsos everywhere I was struck by how the film makers pulled off the constant “twilight” that the town of forks is set in. Made for lots of moody scenes of what we call here “a soft day”. It felt just like the river walk.

I have come across a new (to me) daily painter from Germany who is blowing my tiny mind. He is Edward B Gordon and you can see his daily work here. I think I’m a kind of groupie artist. A bit like finding a new band when you were 16, I come across someone I love and I pour over their work and look at it again and again. Eventually I move on but in my mind I will reference back to their work or pop back to their blog or book or whatever to remind myself of what I learned.

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Unframed painting €70      $99 USD  $109 CAD  £65GBP
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