Monday, December 14, 2009

Lemon Tea

Regardless of the painting itself, I think the method of pre mixing in strings was a great sucess. I did end up straying away form the plan of clear colours made with as few ingredients as possible but hey lifes not all about rules eh? Much happier with the purples now - added a little sap green to the alizarin & ultramarine. I wanted viridian but had none left.

I'm trying to be cool and mature about this but truth be told I'm very excited. I have a new follower. That makes a global count of two! I'm sure she won't mind me mentioning her name. She's Diana Marshall another daily painter. Her animals and landscapes are fantastic. Check out her blog here


Diana Marshall said...

Hi Roisin,
Thanks for the mention! Love your 'Lemon Tea'
lovely loose brush strokes,(something I strive toward, but have great difficulty with) I find colour mixing an intuitive thing, I am amazed by some artists who use a very limited pallete and still their paintings are amazing.

Meru said...

really like this purple.