Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orange Jar

I started work on an artitst's website today. When I say started, of course I mean this in the widest possible sense. I know once I get into it, it will be fine but already knowing how long it takes and having decided to use wordpress, which is new to me, I think I'd rather go back to bed.

I have used dreamweaver before but wordpress seems a lot easier and it's also free. I am looking into free themes at the moment for artists sites but I think I may have to go with something more general and then customise it. (more fear)

So, the thing is to start right? and I did that today!

Framed Painting €140 Shipping €15 Worldwide

This painting is also available unframed
€90 shipping worldwide €10
Email for more info or to pay by paypal

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