Monday, January 4, 2010

Walk in Snow

So yesterday afternoon, while out walking the dog, we found ourselves inside of one of those winter wonderland christmas cards. No joking, it was draw droppingly beautiful. Perfect you say for taking photos to paint from and before you say it, yes I had brought my camera. But a word of caution, remember when your mother in law gives your kids some cheap batteries from the pound shop, do not be tempted to use them in your camera. In the end I had to make do with my phone camera which is not the same at all. I'll try again today but snow never lasts more than a day here so I'm not too optomistic.

To Buy
Unframed painting €70      $99 USD  $109 CAD  £65GBP
Shipping €10 worldwide

Framed Painting €105      $155 USD  $165 CAD  £95UK
Shipping €15 Worldwide

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