Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three's a magic number

When is a pear not a pair?
Oh come on... it's not that bad. Ok it is, but frankly what do you say about a still life of three pears? 
Anyway, I'm head, tooth and claws into searching for a website theme or template that fits with my ideas for the website. I'm going with the "shoot for the stars - hit the trees" theory of web design. I want something that looks fantastic, great clean design and clear intuitive navigation. I am happy to pay (with a small p) for the right theme but of course that's like the Holy Grail. I know I will have to make major compromises by the end but right now I'm still in the shoot for the stars end of thinking and hoping I will stumble onto the perfect design. I feel another two hours in front of the computer screen coming on. What joy!

Framed Painting €140 Shipping €15 Worldwide

This painting is also available unframed
€90 shipping worldwide €10
Email for more info or to pay by paypal

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